A note to Mr. Elbaz.

"I'm not a cool designer, and Lanvin is not a cool brand," Alber Elbaz

I know myself and many would strongly beg to differ. Look Alber you amazing little man, I love you, but clearly you are delirious with a severe case of humility. Talk about selling yourself short. To prove how I know you are so clearly blinded by the humble pie smeared over your stylish specs, I present to you an argument in pictorial form....

(Exhibit A)

(Exhibit B)

(Exhibit C)

(Exhibit D)

(Exhibit E)

(Exhibit F-Z)

and I rest my case there ....

(Photo Source: Lanvin Spring 2011,



Really Vogue? Really? For the reigning super power of fashion publications you come to expect covers that are brave, experimental and at the forefront of global trends .... this months cover has left me more confused than someone with a southern cross tattoo wearing a Chanel suit.

(Catherine McNeil September 2010: One of Smiths' finer moments at Vogue)