Snaps for Brisbane.

I like your hat.

and I like your blog. For those who haven't heard (then you should have and should check it out right away), I like your hat. is a fantastic new blog run by a group of Brisbane folk, who prowl the streets looking to capture the creme de la creme of stylish Brisbane residents. Even in the past 4 years I have lived here, walking up the streets you can really see what a fashion concious hub this city has become, and there is so much great style around. So clearly I am loving that these guys are doing the stalking around the city for me, so I can people watch without having to get out of my pj's. Thanksss guys!!

My beautiful and super stylish friend Erin (who has feature on my blog before, in a few of my shoots) has even made it to the pages of the blog already, bless her cotton socks and docks.


(Above the beautiful Erin)


Carine. How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways

Watched an insightful 3 part-interview with wunderkind Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue, and I've come to learn that there are so many things I love about this woman. I will do my best to keep ranting to a minimum, but it is hard when you have such admiration for influential figures in fashion such as Carine, who is amongst one of the most truly intriguing woman in fashion today.

First of all, I love the way her french accent curls clumsily around broken english sentences, I could listen to her talk all day. Secondly, she seems so genuinely in love with her role in fashion. While she is obviously no fool, she is less concerned about business and more about her romantic ideals of fashion, and strong appreciation for it as an art. Which I can only assume stemmed from her Pre-Vogue resume, where she worked hands-on alongside some of the greats like Tom Ford and Mario Testino as a stylist (jealous??) . So even amidst the doom's day financial situation and commercialism of fashion, she says that she wants to sell French Vogue becase of the "pretty pictures" that fill its pages. Her vision extends far beyond the bottom line.

Thirdly, her romanticism is evident in her style mantra, "style is not always about clothes, but about a look" a mood, a moment. A mantra that I think is a refreshing one, as well as a healthy one for woman. It not only makes fashion more accessible and less about 'following trends' but it makes it more about it being enjoyable. I have always been of the opinion that style transcends mere concepts of fashion, becoming more about the essence of a person. It embodies a persons taste in music, political views, personality, beliefs and so much more. A person should make the clothes; is shouldn't be that the clothes make the person. And I believe Carine herself is a fine example of this. She is a total gem and French Vogue is safe in her hands.


Photo Source: Business of Fashion, A Magazine Curated By: Blog

Her body Dances ...

"Her Body dances to the illusion of Chanel.
She hunts in sky high burberry heels.
She conquers diamonds from all corners"

Words by: she is frank
Photo Source: The Never Ending Story, Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly.


Celebrating the beauty of Ordinary


I have a huge fetish for homewares, and Ponyrider really got me going. Fresh screen printing, hand made by two Australian lasses. Its poetic. I discovered their work some time ago now, and feel I must return to it to share these beautiful pictures from their first lookbook with you. There first collection is crisp, clean and beautiful and makes me want to roll around in sunflowers and doilies all day.


Runway Passport

Hey everyone. Haven't had a chance to share this with you that I am now a contributing writer, blogger and guest editor for Runway Passport. Which in a nutshell is a site dedicated to bringing all the latest updates from runway's around the globe, as well as exclusive stuff for registered readers. If you are not yet a registered reader you can sign up here for exclusive weekly updates ; from backstage pictures to interviews with designers. Or follow us on the Runway Passport Blog.

More importantly, I wanted to bring to your attention that this weeks edition of Runway Passport has been dedicated to victims on the Haiti tragedy. In tribute, Runway Passport had a one-on-one chat with the beautiful and multi-talented, Marie Jean Baptiste (pictured above), who was born and raised in Haiti. She juggles her time between her successful jewelry line, Funkylobes, and styling.

Also ...... If you haven't already, please take a quick look at ways in which you can make a contribution towards the relief efforts in Haiti. During times like these it is more important than ever that we find ways, big or small, to help people in need. And there really are some simple ways in which to do so.



Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010

Burberry Prorsum has fast become one of my all time favourite labels. One of those labels that I'd be more than happy to dress in exclusively for the rest of my life. It has a Carine Roitfeld element that evokes total power, intellect and sexiness. Further cemented in their current choice of muse, Emma Watson. With Christopher Bailey at the helm this label has only gone from strength to strength in my eyes. If it is even soley for the fact that Burberry is finally free of instant association with retiree's who sport matching outfits to golf days, and since become synoymous with elegance, sophistication and luxury; and its more youthful than ever.

It's another stunning collection for Pre-Fall 2010. Bravo. Also notice clever use of model, who I think looks so much like Emma Watson. View the rest of Burberry Prorsum Pre Fall 2010 collection here


Photo Source: Style.com


bloom shake shake shake the room

I absolutely adore this collection from H&M. Here are some shots from the lookbook that I've put a little twist of my own on.



leaving on a jet plane


Ok, so its not technically the end of summer, but my summer holidays are about to come to an official and ubrupt end. Ive been home visiting family in probably whats best described as paradise. I've spent the past two months sunbaking, reading and drinking whenever I please .... however, reality is a "you know what" and its time to pack my suitcase and get back to life in the city. Where all that awaits me is house hunting, job hunting & preparing for another huge and final year of uni. Its all very exciting slash daunting. I hope 2010 treats me as well as 2009 did.
Happy new year everyone, and I hope it brings you all the best.

p.s. I have a new obsession with Whitney Port. There is no denying that this girl can throw an outfit together. I think this one would be perfect for my impending flight home. Comfy but not daggy.

Hottest couple ever??

I think they are perfection.

Love: Thakoon

Thakoon has well and truely sealed a place in the hearts of fashion lovers. His pre-fall 2010 range is just more reason why this is so. The range is boho meets sharp city dressing. I love the granny shawl like details mixed throughout the designs too!

Photo Source: Style.com

Love: Willa Holland

This outfit is a winner in my books. Chic and oh so sexy! I Looooove.