Excited to share the amazing photographic work of Spanish artist Dara Scully. A lot of her photos possess a certain Tim Walker quality and charm, which is probably I felt an instant affinity to them. See her other works here.

A soggy start to Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

It's a sad sad day when nine days of annual leave end. At least there is something to show for my nine day love affair with free time. I did a little guest blogging for Runway Passport at Brisbane Fashion Week ( which is all right there --> Tumblr.) There was an unfortunate abundance of wet weather on the first night and a serious lack of umbrella on my behalf (some would say I kick goals). So rocking the latest look I like to call, 'half-drowned-chic', I sat myself down near the kick ass blogger Francesca from Opinion Slave. She is also the new blogger for Broadway on The Mall's blog The Front Row!! We spoke blog-anese between oohing over shoes in the Nelson Molloy show (which Francesca got some sweet snaps of - along with my rookie iPhone snaps)


Trend To Watch: Stripes

From Prada to Jil Sander, Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton.

If you haven't heard, the stripes are coming.
(Photo source: Street Peeper)


A note to Mr. Elbaz.

"I'm not a cool designer, and Lanvin is not a cool brand," Alber Elbaz

I know myself and many would strongly beg to differ. Look Alber you amazing little man, I love you, but clearly you are delirious with a severe case of humility. Talk about selling yourself short. To prove how I know you are so clearly blinded by the humble pie smeared over your stylish specs, I present to you an argument in pictorial form....

(Exhibit A)

(Exhibit B)

(Exhibit C)

(Exhibit D)

(Exhibit E)

(Exhibit F-Z)

and I rest my case there ....

(Photo Source: Lanvin Spring 2011,



Really Vogue? Really? For the reigning super power of fashion publications you come to expect covers that are brave, experimental and at the forefront of global trends .... this months cover has left me more confused than someone with a southern cross tattoo wearing a Chanel suit.

(Catherine McNeil September 2010: One of Smiths' finer moments at Vogue)


One mans trash.

(My beautiful friends Jesse and Lauren)

The saying goes one mans trash is anothers treasure, and after recently making my official debut into the wonderful world of the Suitcase Rummage here in Brisbane, I am hooked on this notion. Thrifting was once taboo but now a global phenomenon that is a smart, sustainable and socially conscious way to consume fashion. My friends Lauren & Jesse met me for an early morning coffee in King George Square, suitcases in tow, for what turned out to be a wonderful day of selling, buying, style stalking and making friends with neighbouring "rummagers". Not to mention turning years worth of unused miscellany into a cool little profit; and of course finding a few hidden treasures to take home for ourselves.

The girls at Suitcase rummage put this great event on once a month, usually the first Sunday, but you can keep an eye out for upcoming rummages by following their blog which also has a registration page. It's a much cooler alternative to selling your goods at markets and it is cheaper, being only $10 to register. Oh and you don't have to get out of bed at an ungodly hour as the rummage usually opens for set up around 10.

Also, I find myself ever surprised and impressed with the calibre of street style that pounds the pavement around Brisbane. I got my creep on and took a few snaps of stylish suitcase rummage patrons.




Perhaps it's true then that,
The minute you think you have it, 
is the minute you know it's gone....


Alexander Wang. fall winter '10.

hot stam.

Stam, for British Vogue. Yessss.

sci-fi wasabi

Let me introduce my latest crush. The style ninja behind the amazing blog stopitrightnow.
Not only is she perfection head to toe, but her head actually has a brain in it. Quote unquote;

What do you believe in?
I believe in paying attention. I believe in being kind to everyone. I believe in not being cool. I believe in telling stupid people that they're stupid (someone has to!). I believe in being good to your friends and being great to your family. I believe in working hard for what you want. I believe in my abilities. I believe in doing what you say and saying what you mean.