Designers meet the street

Camilla and Marc for Portmans is here, and the collection is a total hit in my books. It consists of 8 dresses and 2 jackets with a much more conservative price range then their own collections which is why I love a good collaboration. That and this collection is seriously beautiful and ticks all the boxes for me, its got plaid, its got full skirts, and a sequined MJ blazer to boot. Its a little bit circus, little bit Balmain and all sweet enough for Spring. What's more ... they had a magical launch party-come-high-tea at Lion Gate Lodge in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. 

Photos Borrowed from: Grazia

I was stoked at finding the following two items inspired by two of my fashion crushes, Nicholas Kirkwood (who I blogged about a few months ago) via Wittner and THE MADDEST pink boyfriend blazer in Portmans which I thought resembled a Matthew Williams one I have stuck to my bedroom wall. Regardless of a spending ban .... it was fun to look.  Oh and P.S. Im so glad Portmans is finally getting it together compared to previous seasons

Portmans VS. Matthew Williamson


Wittner VS. Nicholas Kirkwood

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 

xx FR


my only friend is a burning cigarette

Outfit snaps from Last night

Chloe Pumps. 
Dress from La La Latrobe, Paddington
Knee high boots by Nude

Necklace from the Valley Markets
This is from a lady who makes all her own products, this beauty is made from vintage chains and feathers. Her stuff is fantastic. Ill try find out if she has a website or something and post it. 

Bertie Blackman - Thump
Passion Pit - The Reeling

They both have killer film clips too. Im obsessed. 
These songs have been on repeat for days now



the fabulous mess we're in


Aurel Schmidt is a very intriguing 25 year old lass from New York, who's unique style has caught the eye of both the art and fashion world ..... and now mine. First of all, her art is typically not something I would go for, there is an unsettling morbidness about it. Its the way in which she artfully blends the elements of beauty and horror that makes her work so entrancing, and leaves you wanting more. Upon closer inspection you see that the images comprise of snakes, cigarettes, maggots, flies, spiderwebs and all things icky. She perfectly balances this with the softness of her brush strokes, colour choice and use of opacity, taking the edge of what typically should appear vile and unappealing. 

 Aurel Schmidt as an artist is genius, but after trawling through countless interviews with her, Ive decided that Im equally as in love with Aurel Schmidt as a person. She seems to be a real straight shooter, and wise beyond her years. Here outlook on life a times is rather twisted, but her honesty in answering tough questions about life is refreshing. There is a fantastic interview with her here where she talks about anti-consumerism, her upbringing and not smoking weed.

"I don't believe in god. I think the world is horrific. It always has been. And I don't mean just the everyday war rape and pillage child molesting alienating living hell that is existence. I mean the the fact that we are missing the end of the novel, we live everyday hurdling full speed towards a brick wall, and have no fucking clue what will happen after we hit. Its terrifying, but I love it…I love life more then life."

You have to zoom in on the pictures to really grasp the amount of work poured into each picture, and to better see all the individual elements that contribute to the overall image. Her full repertoire of works can be viewed at  along with some great closeups.

She was born and raised in Canada, saying she "grew up in a small white trash town, where everyone did crystal meth and everyone was a wigga." Which is a far cry from the fashion savvy NY socialite she has become today. Front row for a number of shows at Fashion Week, she also made it on Papermags Beautiful People list 2009. I also secretly wish I was able to pull off the wide rimmed glasses with such street cred. sigh. 

Basically,  Aurel is the beez freaking neeez. Aight.

The pink dress above is so so so amazing.

So is that furr coat


2 hearts in 3/4 time

I spied with my wandering eye, and my heart went a flutter ........

With uni squandering my creative juices of late, the following pretty little tidbits have been able to quench the thirst. So, thanks to all the creative individuals out there freely roaming the earth, for keeping little old me sane. God bless.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Tea with nan just got a whole lot sexier. 
This quirky tea set is from the good humored designer Tina Tsang at Blaue Blume. It's super cute, and would be the talk of your next tea party. It would feel like a little Dita Von Teese was living in my sugar. Definitely on the wishlist.  The website is equally as cute .......

Oh, could Stella McCartney be any more fabulous. 
This remarkable creation was born through a collaboration between the lovely lady and Swarovski Crystals. It was originally created as an installation back in 2004, in the grand Beasley Castle of ye old UK, but made a guest appearance again earlier this year. The beauty which she name "Lucky Spot" is made up of over 7000 Swarovski crystals.

Dear Miss McCartney, If your looking for a cheap storage option, 
I'd like to kindly offer my services. Have your people call my people. 


RUSSH September 09' Issue // Fashion Editor Stevie Dance. 
A very honourable mention to Stevie Dance who styled Ali Stephens for the cover of this issue. I imagine this is the way those non-mere mortals of the supermodel breed look after a workout. Like some dishevelled sports goddess, who you really dont want to mess with. This chick could definitely kick yo' ass. The contrast between the white, blue and red lips is spot on, throw in some diamonds and chunky metal chains for good measure. 



This editorial was epic. 22 pages worth of epicness to be exact (yes, I just counted them to prove a point). The photographs could quite easily be stills from a 60's movie. When James Dean met Lolita. This is the latest addition to a rather lengthy list I have going called, "favourite editorials of all time". 

I heart these Louis Vuitton bunny ears