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Photographed by Tiziano Magni for Marie Claire Italia, April 2010
Italians really do, do it better. Then again, Im probably bias.



LMFF Roundup - Target Rocks Red Market (TRRM)

The last day of LMFF bought a little tear to my eye, not only because the end to my fabulous Melbourne adventure was looming, but because it meant that I would soon be back at my desk banging my head against uni text books in frustration. However, all was not doom and gloom, if anything could have bought a smile to my face it was the Target Rocks Red Market extravaganza. Star studded, perfect weather and great affordable fashion.

John Course provided pre-show entertainment, warming up the crowd with a little help from the midday sun, while I got a little jiggy with it in my seat. The fashion rolled out onto the runway styled in the image of the Target logo with some surprisingly fashion forward options. You will be able to find all the latest trends for winter, from ankle boots to riding boots and black blazers to sailor stripes, as well as a great variety of knit wear. Too make it all the more exiting, my girl crush Whitney Port was sitting across from me. She was on stage after the show talking about her love of mixing designer with budget buys, wearing her own Target tee teamed with designer leopard skirt. She was so well spoken and just absolutely stunning. I also got a little giigle, and a slightly larger head, when some Japanese boys approached me for a photo, thinking I was Whitney. I put it down to the new blonde locks and large sunglasses hiding my face. I went along with it nonetheless.

Speaking of stunning ladies, the powers that be sat me alongside the gorgeous and talented melbourne local and stylist Miss Elaine Marshall. We became friends instantly after striking up conversation over our mutual love for Whitney Port and her studded boots (which are from a great boutique called Lion in Love). Also you should all check out Elaines' handy work on her website




It was the maiden voyage down the runway for KOOKAI this year at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week, and even the owners of the company were suited up in the front row to watch the debut (I place emphasis on the suite part as it was about one million degrees in Federation Sqaure). The winter range was a strong reflection of Kookai's quintessential French-Australian fusion, even a little more so this season with a range of mime striped dresses and splashes of red, white and blue. The direction then made a complete 180 turn between parisian chic and street glam. I was sold at the tribal 'where the wild things are' head bands but the hits kept rolling. Known for their great range of basics, there were some standout body con dresses and skirts, and plenty of other great basics that could be layered up over and over again. I left feeling like I had been reacquainted with an old friend, and remembered why I love Kookai so much. They do what they do ..... and they do it well.

LMFF Roundup - Runway presented by COSMOPOLITAN

So today I was off to Central Pier for the L'Oreal Paris Runway presented by COSMOPOLITAN magazine. It was the first major show I have seen here at LMFF and I think I looked like an excitable young pup who just experienced the beach for the first time. Not to mention I was in the second row, right behind the one lady who most women would turn for, Ruby Rose. She looked incredible as expected, and I couldn't take my eyes off her Romance was born clutch. I managed to focus my attention back to the runway as the show started with an onslaught of Aussie designers hitting the stage. I have so many more photos and illegible notes to trawl through from the show, but here are few to start off with ....

This is Genevieve.
Flirty cut outs and lingerie as outwear provided a provocative and sexy statement from This is Genevieve. Practical for winter? Probably not, but the range had all the hottest colours we are seeing coming through for winter, as well as some great shoulder detailing on the dresses which I am just loving.

Bettina Liano.
Really had it all this season, the range was a stark contrast between ultra feminine boudoir corsetry to shapeless boyfriend blazers. All in muted blues and greys, with the usual dose of Bettina denimy goodness.

Nina Maya.
Sleek, chic and ultra feminine in all aspects of shape, colour and prints used. Heavy accessories broke it up nicely and added some punch.


"Do you love me? Love is too weak a word. I lerve you. You know, I lo-ove you. I luff you. There are two "f's." I have to invent... of course I love you."

- Annie Hall

(Photo Source: Lurve Magazine)



Antipodium paid homage to the culture and humour of Australian indigenous artists, through a collection of fun Australiana inspired safari wear this season. Heavy utility safari pants were shown alongside soft silk dresses with indigenous prints, while hiking boots were teamed with bright pink socks. Socks and ankle boots have been redone by almost every designer showing here this week but the look at Antipodium has been my favourite so far. 

A playful element was added to the collection with cute knitted Goanna's slumped sleepily over models shoulders, and giant over sized knit scarves which appeared to weigh more than the models wearing them. I couldn't help but think the scarf would make a really cosy picnic rug. There was also lots layering and and animal prints galore. 

LMFF - Street Snaps


LMFF Roundup - Romance Was Born

It was a "Nightmare on Wall Street" at Romance Was born this season. Mixing tales of 80's office worker and damsel from a horror movie (Working Girl meets Nightmare on Elm Streetis how designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett describe it). Obviously this saw many references to iconic 80's dressing, with oversized power shoulders and over the top embellishments on everything from sunglasses to shoes.

Even though the collection felt a whole lot more wearable then last season, there a whole lot of crazy going on, with all the expected Romance Was Born theatrics and showmanship. The cosmic print pants, as well as the blazer with safety pin covered collar, were standouts. I was lucky enough to see that jacket up close, as one of the LMFF organisers was wearing it at the door. It was incredible, and totally D.I.Y'able.

Photo Source: Close ups courtesy of


Melbourne is amazing. It is also a maze. I didn't head the many warnings from friends to invest in a pocket map, choosing to rely on my sense of adventure. How hard can navigating around a few inner city streets be? The answer to that I've discovered is ..... BLOODY HARD. I did stop to ask several locals for directions but it seems they too haven't mastered the Melbourne grid (or should I say rabbit warren). So, I ended up eating my words along with some comfort food, as I took refuge at Degani Bakery Cafe to recompose myself. A stroke of serendipity if you ask me. It is a gorgeous little italian place with great ambience, and vantage point for people watching. I wasn't tempted by the array of amazing baked goods on offer, instead opting for a fresh fruit salad .... but im considering going back to try.

Degani Bakery Cafe is located at 550 Bourke Street