What is everyone doing to celebrate??
I'm off to have "my big fat italian christmas" ... will need to diet hardcore after today. I cant wait. Wishing everyone all the best, have a lovely day!


strap me up, take me out

Vera Wang


Bondage has never seemed normal to me. Until now. I would like one of each please.


Stylist Kawa - Sweedish styling wizz. I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to put up here to show everyone. I take so much joy in looking at the work of freelance stylists. I am constantly blown away and so inspired by how much creative genius is out there.
Anyway, pay his blog a visit. His work is so cool!


the only way I'll ever own designer shoes

Is if I draw myself in them. Or at least thats what I'll do until I graduate and get my dream job slash win the lottery ..... slash get myself a sugar daddy? Ok maybe not the third option. The thought actually sickens me a little. Fifi Lapin is a blog that documents the life of the super cute, super wealthy, super stylish jettsetting bunny who is in a different pair of Louboutins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is it weird to be competely envious of the life of a bunny drawing?




Sonia Rykiel.

Betsey Johnson.

Shopping at Gucci.


Shiney Jewels, Casino Cash

Lead singer of the Danish six-piece band Mette is one foxy lady. Part B52'S, part Cyndi Lauper .... she is as cute as a button and as crazy as a sixties-esque pyscedelic pop goddess should be. They are one of those blessed bands currently riding the fame train that ensues any song ever featured on an ipod advertisement, but I say they are totally worth the hype. And just between you and me, I have the biggest girl crush on Mette ... she is amazing and so are the clothes she wears.

You like?

Trendsetter Vintage

Top of my to do list for the holidays? MAKE THIS DRESS!! Trendsetter Vintage is one of my favourite eBay stores and I highly recommend checking them out. They always have really unique, avante garde, jaw dropping vintage finds. I neeed this dress for summer.

a thought.


free is all she could be

I often find myself displaying signs of autism. I get fixated on the strangest things. Like this wall for example. As soon as I found it on my way to work one day, I wouldn't shut up until Rob came to shoot there with me. Turned out pretty well don't you think?? Erin is wearing a vintage midnight blue silk skirt that I bought from ADORNMENTS in paddington.

when she wore it, the room was hers

More shots from my day out with Rob, with Erin as our model again. I absolutely adore this coat that Erin is wearing. Its a vintage 1950's robe that I found in ADORNMENTS in Paddington.

Worn here with:
Tony Bianco Heels, Vintage Necklace, Sportsgirl silk pants.


love kills

Uni holidays and having all the free time in the world, is perfection. I have been doodling and collaging like mad. I made these two using magazine cutouts and watercolours.

When you cant find the words

It helps when someone else just hits the nail on the head for you. Currently reading Oscar Wilde: Nothing Except my Genius. and what a genius he was. I have scribbled some of my favourite quotes all throughout my journal. Such a thoughtprovoking and wise man.

Sock it to me

There are a lot of haters when it comes to the socks and sandals look. Personally, as long as it doesn't look anything remotely like ..............

Then I think there are definitely ways you can work this look .... without looking like your having a mid life crisis. I've put together a little tribute to the fashion houses that I think nailed the look this season. In the lead by far is Burberry who are my definite pick of the bunch.

When attempting this trend, please note ....... it will help greatly if:
1) You aren't wearing Birkenstocks
2) You aren't wearing your dads gym socks
3) Your Chloe Sevigny.

Roll socks and shoes montage.


No. 63

Styling / Hair & MU: Kobi Lagana
Photography: Robert Pascoe & Andrew Tallon
Model: Erin McClean