A soggy start to Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

It's a sad sad day when nine days of annual leave end. At least there is something to show for my nine day love affair with free time. I did a little guest blogging for Runway Passport at Brisbane Fashion Week ( which is all right there --> Tumblr.) There was an unfortunate abundance of wet weather on the first night and a serious lack of umbrella on my behalf (some would say I kick goals). So rocking the latest look I like to call, 'half-drowned-chic', I sat myself down near the kick ass blogger Francesca from Opinion Slave. She is also the new blogger for Broadway on The Mall's blog The Front Row!! We spoke blog-anese between oohing over shoes in the Nelson Molloy show (which Francesca got some sweet snaps of - along with my rookie iPhone snaps)


  1. OHHH..Great shots..
    And a perfect choice of models..
    And those shoes was really something.

    Best regards,
    aviators sunglasses

  2. Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.

  3. haha omg i just saw this now!! thanks for the mention babe. i actually went to a small brisbane blogger meetup organised by wikifashion last night at zuri and im thinking next time.. im gonna help organise it too and get more people like YOU to come!! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave


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